Riding Bikes In Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen a is an amazing growing tourist zone, one of the most developed and known places of the Riviera Maya, with the biggest international demographic in México.

Looking for something to do?

The options are limitless. We can offer theme parks like Xcarat and Xplor, public parks, public zones, foods from all over the world such as Italy, France, Germany, Argentina and more.

Restaurants, economic kitchens with regional foods, Fancy restaurants all over the 5th avenue, Restaurants to chill out and enjoy everything, restaurants with all vegan menús, Luxury Hotels, also a “day pass” all included on the best hotels is a good a idea, hostels, houses for vacation rental, by airbnb or brokers, Cenotes, white sand beaches, roof top pool bars with a sea view, etc…

The ideal way to enjoy Playa del Carmen at its finest and to know every place is to explore the city by bike. This will allow you to see so much more and experience the city like a local.

The classic beach cruiser bikes are the most popular here because they are so easy to ride and affordable. They most often are single speed and pedal brake for simplicity but you can find hand brake bikes with gears if it is important to you.

riding bikes in playa del carmen

If you are staying in Playa for more than a month it may make sense to buy bikes since they are not very expensive. The bike shops to buy bikes are located on 30th Ave. and there are many different choices and styles available to buy a bike in Playa del Carmen.

If you are here for less than a month you can rent a bike in Playa on 10th Ave. There are many shops to choose from although the shops in the tourist zone are more focused on daily or hourly rentals and do not offer good prices on weekly rentals. It will cost around $10 to $15 dollars a day.

For longer term bike rentals up to a month there a couple good shops that will also deliver the bikes:

Playa Bike Rentals – located near Calle 24 and 10th ave. this shop is hidden away in a residential area so is difficult to find. It is better to call first to get directions or take advantage of the free delivery service. They are known for their good service and bike quality but are a little more expensive.


Best Bike Rentals– This is a new shop that just opened in the Colosio neighborhood that offers services to rent bikes from 1 day up to a month and also delivery service with 24 hour notice.

“With 80 bikes available there is no limit on the quantity of bikes” claims Roberto the manager. They will also be offering a Punta Esmerelda City Bike Tour soon and they have newer bikes that haven’t gotten rusted yet.   Service of Delivery & Pick Up the door of your place or drop into the shop at 84 st. & 10 Av. This is a great option if you are staying on the North side of town.

Buy or rent a bike in Playa del Carmen. You will enjoy the experience very much and get to see so much more than walking or sitting in a hot car in traffic.


Community Tours Sian Ka’an  is a community company that has been working within the reserve and local communities for 15 years. They offer 10 different tours and on this occasion we visit Muyil. It should be noted that this Tourism company will become the first Carbon Neutral community operator in Mexico through the implementation of good environmental practices that were announced within the framework of its 13th anniversary.

Just 20 minutes from Tulum is Muyil, this place offers a unique experience, not only the magic of the archaeological zone in the middle of the jungle or its different lagoons that are connected by channels, Muyil is more than that, the energy that keeps this place is unique.



An expert guide will walk you through the different paths that connect the beautiful forest and from which the different temples stand out. Some of them have not yet been fully restored. This site is currently one of the most important in the reserve.

The Archaeological Zone of Muyil has several different types of Mayan buildings, each building tells us a little more about this great civilization. “El Castillo” is the highest structure of the north-central coast of Quintana Roo and is 17 meters high, according to some research this place was built in two stages.

One of the particular features of “El Castillo” is that in the upper part of it is “la torre”, a part adorned with stones simulating thorns.

This interesting Mayan archaeological zone is located within the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. It has been an important site of ceremonial discoveries that were part of the Mayan rituals.

After discovering a bit more of the history of the Mayas, you will cross an interpretive trail, where you will be able to observe different flora and fauna characteristic of the area. Zapote, cohechen and ficus, is only part of the flora that houses this jungle. In addition to that you can see up close different water outlets from which emanates fresh water springs.

The best way to have a panoramic view of the jungle and the lagoon that connects with the Caribbean Sea is to climb the viewpoint that is located at the end of the trail. Surprise yourself with all the gifts that nature will give you! After doing this tour, you will arrive at the lagoon. The first sight to this one is impressive, its blue tones that contrast with the green of the forest is unique.





A boat will take you to this part of the adventure, stroll along the connecting channels and discover another part of the ruins. This site is perfect to follow the course swimming and learn more about the fauna and flora that inhabits the place, letting you take the flow.

On the way through the canals, we could observe some orchids, different types of plants and fish that inhabit this beautiful place.

Without a doubt Muyil was a unique experience, it has the perfect mixture between cultural and adventure, and the majestic landscapes that give us this natural place are enchanting.



Muyil is a part of the  Maya Ka’an destiny.

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