Have you ever dreamed of owning a piece of paradise in the mesmerizing Riviera Maya? Look no further than Susana MacDonald, your dedicated companion in this tropical haven. With over a decade of real estate expertise, Susana offers bespoke services customized to your unique desires. Whether you’re in pursuit of a luxurious residence, expert property management, or are venturing into real estate opportunities in Playa Del Carmen, Tulum, or Cancun, Susana is your trusted guide.


Unveiling Your Dream Property:

Susana’s website is your gateway to the Riviera Maya real estate market. Imagine a stunning collection of beachfront properties with pristine, white-sand beaches just steps from your door. 

There you will find a wide variety of properties to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for your needs and budget. Plus, Susana is a knowledgeable and experienced real estate agent who can help you every step of the way, from finding the perfect property to closing the deal.

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Personalized Expertise:

Navigating the intricacies of purchasing real estate in a foreign land can be a daunting endeavor. This is where Susana and her team of seasoned experts come into play. They offer a complimentary consultation service tailored to your specific needs. Imagine having a well-connected friend who knows every facet of the Riviera Maya real estate landscape, helping you discover hidden gems and avoid potential pitfalls.

There are many factors to consider, such as the local laws and regulations, the currency exchange rate, and the cultural differences. It is important to have a qualified and experienced real estate agent to help you navigate the process. 

Susana and her team of seasoned experts offer a complimentary consultation service tailored to your specific needs. They can help you find the right property, negotiate the best price, and close the deal smoothly. With their help, you can buy your dream home in the Riviera Maya with confidence.



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For those with an investment mindset, Susana’s website is a treasure trove of invaluable insights. Delve into strategies that can potentially maximize your returns in the Riviera Maya market. Susana provides real-world examples of successful investments, showcasing how you can turn your dream into a lucrative reality.



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Imagine waking up to the gentle caress of the Caribbean breeze every morning. Susana’s website boasts a captivating array of beachfront condos, eco-friendly residences, and opulent vacation properties in the Riviera Maya. As an example, you’ll find stunning oceanfront villas with infinity pools and private beach access. It’s more than a real estate platform; it’s an invitation to a life of luxury.



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For those yearning to immerse themselves fully in the Riviera Maya lifestyle, Susana’s website offers priceless insights into the top attractions and activities. You’ll find examples of hidden local eateries, pristine beaches, and vibrant cultural festivals that make this region so alluring.

In a world where real estate transactions can often feel cold and impersonal, Susana MacDonald and her website stand out as beacons of warmth and expertise. Each interaction, every piece of advice, is tailored to your specific needs, making you feel like you have a trusted friend guiding you through your Riviera Maya journey.


Susana’s website is not just a virtual space; it’s your ticket to turning your dreams into reality in the Riviera Maya. Whether you’re contemplating retirement, exploring investment opportunities, or seeking a luxurious escape, Susana’s personalized services are designed to ensure your journey is as smooth as the gentle Riviera Maya breeze.

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Playa del Carmen English Speaking Dentist

If you are looking for a Playa del Carmen English Speaking Dentist for your next trip or long holiday you are in luck because there are some good ones now in 2020. I have a couple good friends from Vermont who have been coming down and getting dental work done for a couple years now and saving 75% over estimated dental costs back in the United States.

Of course, people have known for years that you could go over the border and get some cheap dental work done but the quality and the clinic might not be upstanding. What’s different now in Mexico and especially in the Riviera Maya is that modern medicine and dentistry has become mainstream in large cities and tourist areas. The quality and care you can expect now for dental work in Playa del Carmen is very comparable to the United States and Canada but you can pay a fraction of the price.

Whether you are looking for major dental work like root canals and implants or just teeth cleaning and teeth whitening you will find a lot of dentists available to choose from now in Playa del Carmen but not all of them speak English or they speak only a little. This can be frustrating, I can tell you from my own experience before I spoke Spanish, how complicated this can get. If there is any kind of miscommunication, it could be bad for your smile.

You might find some good choices for Playa del Carmen English speaking dentists by checking on the top directory sites like dentaldepartures.com and whatclinic.com but it’s important to remember these clinics and dentists have paid for advertising on these directory sites to be listed on the “Top 10 Dentists in Playa del Carmen” listings.

Playa del Carmen English Speaking Dentist








How about an example of what you might expect to pay for an English speaking dentist in Playa?

Here is a sample price list from Smile Makeover who advertise that they are English Speaking Dentists:

Mini Dental Implants $450.

Single Dental Implants $900

E-Max Porcelain Crown $420.

Zirconia Crown $450.

Simple Extraction $60.

Root Canal Therapy $250.

Smile Makeover: Custom Price

Porcelain Veneers $420.

These guys have great reviews on their website and look in every way like a good clinic. The only downside is that they are located inside Playacar Phase 2 Residential which can be complicated to enter for non residents.


Playa del Carmen English Speaking Dentist


Dental Integral Playa del Carmen is my English speaking dentist who I have used for 7 years while living in Playa. Dr. Victor speaks English and Spanish and he is very kind and personable. I have had several crowns and root canals done by the dentists at Dental Integral along with regular checkups and cleanings. The clinic is modern, clean and comfortable and the service always professional. They are located downtown on 35th Av. between Calle 2 and Calle 4 and are accepting new clients for cosmetic and general dentistry.

There prices are also a little lower, which is great if you need to get a lot of teeth done or have implants, crowns or root canals. I would highly recommend these guys from personal experience but you can also take a look at there reviews online or call them for a consultation. The prices are very reasonable for the quality and service.



Riding Bikes In Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen a is an amazing growing tourist zone, one of the most developed and known places of the Riviera Maya, with the biggest international demographic in México.

Looking for something to do?

The options are limitless. We can offer theme parks like Xcarat and Xplor, public parks, public zones, foods from all over the world such as Italy, France, Germany, Argentina and more.

Restaurants, economic kitchens with regional foods, Fancy restaurants all over the 5th avenue, Restaurants to chill out and enjoy everything, restaurants with all vegan menús, Luxury Hotels, also a “day pass” all included on the best hotels is a good a idea, hostels, houses for vacation rental, by airbnb or brokers, Cenotes, white sand beaches, roof top pool bars with a sea view, etc…

The ideal way to enjoy Playa del Carmen at its finest and to know every place is to explore the city by bike. This will allow you to see so much more and experience the city like a local.

The classic beach cruiser bikes are the most popular here because they are so easy to ride and affordable. They most often are single speed and pedal brake for simplicity but you can find hand brake bikes with gears if it is important to you.

riding bikes in playa del carmen

If you are staying in Playa for more than a month it may make sense to buy bikes since they are not very expensive. The bike shops to buy bikes are located on 30th Ave. and there are many different choices and styles available to buy a bike in Playa del Carmen.

If you are here for less than a month you can rent a bike in Playa on 10th Ave. There are many shops to choose from although the shops in the tourist zone are more focused on daily or hourly rentals and do not offer good prices on weekly rentals. It will cost around $10 to $15 dollars a day.

For longer term bike rentals up to a month there a couple good shops that will also deliver the bikes:

Playa Bike Rentals – located near Calle 24 and 10th ave. this shop is hidden away in a residential area so is difficult to find. It is better to call first to get directions or take advantage of the free delivery service. They are known for their good service and bike quality but are a little more expensive.


Best Bike Rentals– This is a new shop that just opened in the Colosio neighborhood that offers services to rent bikes from 1 day up to a month and also delivery service with 24 hour notice.

“With 80 bikes available there is no limit on the quantity of bikes” claims Roberto the manager. They will also be offering a Punta Esmerelda City Bike Tour soon and they have newer bikes that haven’t gotten rusted yet.   Service of Delivery & Pick Up the door of your place or drop into the shop at 84 st. & 10 Av. This is a great option if you are staying on the North side of town.

Buy or rent a bike in Playa del Carmen. You will enjoy the experience very much and get to see so much more than walking or sitting in a hot car in traffic.


Playa del Carmen is increasingly offering recreational and fun options to locals and visitors. The new opening of the 3D Museum in Playa del Carmen is beginning to make sense since its inauguration because it is a unique option and is the largest interactive museum in the world drawn by just one artist.

Kurt Wenner, originally from Michigan and known for being the inventor of the interactive 3D pavement art illusions concept, brought his art and creativity to give Playa del Carmen a “plus”. The artist assembles manifestations of perspective, illusion, and geometry along with the techniques of drawing and classical painting. Among the paintings that you can observe and interact in this museum are: Catching the Wave, Flying over the Bosphorous, Breeders’ Cup, among others.

3D Museum of Wonders is open every day from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. The price is 30 usd for adults and 25 usd for children from 5 to 12 years and on Sundays they have a promotion of 50% discount for the entrance of the premises presenting official identification.

Location: Avenida 10 between Calle 8 and Calle 10, in the center of Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo. (Inside the Plaza Pelícanos)

Phone: 01 984 181 7782


Flying over the Bosphorous

The opening of this museum required an investment of one million dollars for its conditioning and promises to be one of the favorite places to visit for those who live here and for those who visit the Riviera Maya.

Quintana Roo is more and more surprising with spaces of entertainment and recreation. Upon entering the museum there is a cinema where documentary art and 3D technical documentaries are projected that will give you a first taste of the concept of this interesting project that came to stay and be the favorite of all lovers of news.

Speed ​​up your mind and play with the different perspectives that artist Kurt Wenner painted on the walls and floors of the 1st 3D museum in Playa del Carmen. Something worth experiencing!
















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