CBD Oil. Does It Work?

CBD Oil in Colorado

CBD Oil. Does It Work?

I am always skeptical of new supplements and feel like I have tried quite a few alternative painkillers and anti-inflammatories. When I heard about CBD or Cannabidiol Oil I was intrigued but also assumed that there would be a narcotic, drugged effect from it like you would get from marijuana.

What I have discovered is that CBD Oil is really quite different from THC which is the psychoactive part of cannabis/marijuana and there really is no “high” or psychoactive effect that you might expect when you are using even very potent and fresh CBD Oil.

My own experience which was nothing less than miraculous is a great example.

Last year I had to travel for an event and my back was really bothering me. After I arrived in Vermont I realized it was really stiff from the flight so I decided to try some CBD Oil since I had heard so many good things about it.  I asked for the most potent CBD Oil they had since, quite honestly I didn’t really expect it would be any better than just popping a Tylenol.

Well, the CBD that I got in Vt did smell and taste like marijuana and I was told it was made from the whole plant and might contain some THC.

What I felt was actually a pleasant, calm feeling and I quickly forgot about the sharp pain in my low back entirely. I went out for a nice dinner with my friends and felt relaxed like something had taken away all my stress. The muscles in my back and neck were not feeling any pain anymore or even the usual neck tension. I took some drops of oil every day for a few days till it was gone and my back pain and anxiety were gone too.

CBD has been used to stop seizures, annihilate anxiety, and even end depression. But perhaps the main appeal of pure CBD Oil is it’s anti-inflammatory effect and ability to reduce and relieve chronic pain without the harmful side effects of addictive painkillers like opioids.

How to buy CBD Oil

I recommend finding local sourced Oil so it will be fresher and have better purity from states like Colorado or Vermont. For Pure Colorado CBD Oil I recommend Urban Green out of Grand Junction.

Just make sure whatever oil you end up purchasing has not been heavily diluted with Coconut Oil or other oils and the batch date is recent.

CBD Oil is an incredible new natural way to relieve pain or anxiety. It works.