Playa del Carmen English Speaking Dentist

Playa del Carmen English Speaking Dentist

Playa del Carmen English Speaking Dentist

If you are looking for a Playa del Carmen English Speaking Dentist for your next trip or long holiday you are in luck because there are some good ones now in 2020. I have a couple good friends from Vermont who have been coming down and getting dental work done for a couple years now and saving 75% over estimated dental costs back in the United States.

Of course, people have known for years that you could go over the border and get some cheap dental work done but the quality and the clinic might not be upstanding. What’s different now in Mexico and especially in the Riviera Maya is that modern medicine and dentistry has become mainstream in large cities and tourist areas. The quality and care you can expect now for dental work in Playa del Carmen is very comparable to the United States and Canada but you can pay a fraction of the price.

Whether you are looking for major dental work like root canals and implants or just teeth cleaning and teeth whitening you will find a lot of dentists available to choose from now in Playa del Carmen but not all of them speak English or they speak only a little. This can be frustrating, I can tell you from my own experience before I spoke Spanish, how complicated this can get. If there is any kind of miscommunication, it could be bad for your smile.

You might find some good choices for Playa del Carmen English speaking dentists by checking on the top directory sites like dentaldepartures.com and whatclinic.com but it’s important to remember these clinics and dentists have paid for advertising on these directory sites to be listed on the “Top 10 Dentists in Playa del Carmen” listings.

Playa del Carmen English Speaking Dentist








How about an example of what you might expect to pay for an English speaking dentist in Playa?

Here is a sample price list from Smile Makeover who advertise that they are English Speaking Dentists:

Mini Dental Implants $450.

Single Dental Implants $900

E-Max Porcelain Crown $420.

Zirconia Crown $450.

Simple Extraction $60.

Root Canal Therapy $250.

Smile Makeover: Custom Price

Porcelain Veneers $420.

These guys have great reviews on their website and look in every way like a good clinic. The only downside is that they are located inside Playacar Phase 2 Residential which can be complicated to enter for non residents.


Playa del Carmen English Speaking Dentist


Dental Integral Playa del Carmen is my English speaking dentist who I have used for 7 years while living in Playa. Dr. Victor speaks English and Spanish and he is very kind and personable. I have had several crowns and root canals done by the dentists at Dental Integral along with regular checkups and cleanings. The clinic is modern, clean and comfortable and the service always professional. They are located downtown on 35th Av. between Calle 2 and Calle 4 and are accepting new clients for cosmetic and general dentistry.

There prices are also a little lower, which is great if you need to get a lot of teeth done or have implants, crowns or root canals. I would highly recommend these guys from personal experience but you can also take a look at there reviews online or call them for a consultation. The prices are very reasonable for the quality and service.