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Google is looking to introduce web site speed at part of the new algorithm for ranking websites.  Now is the time to look at your website hosting.  Most of the hosting platforms out there are slow and soon it can affect your business.  We are offering WordPress website hosting on Google Cloud.  You can read about our documentary of installing WordPress on Google Cloud and dealing with the ins and outs of hosting WordPress websites on Google Cloud.

Google Cloud website hosting pricing is much different than for example GoDaddy.  We estimate that website hosting may be a little more than GoDaddy but with better control, security and response times. Again, many variables play into the pricing with Google Cloud hosting.  The hosting can adjust based on the amount of traffic you get which is not in the typical equation with hosting with other providers.  Those are important factors in running a successful website that most businesses overlook. Google Cloud may not be a good choice for hosting since its not an easy platform for someone who does not have a good deal of technical knowledge. But thats where we come in.

On top of helping you host your WordPress website on Google Cloud, we also develop highly optimized WordPress websites for search engine optimization, a completely responsive design for different devices and a great looking site with quality content.  Please be sure to click here to go to our contact form for more information.

Here is a list of some of our recent WordPress websites that were developed by our team: